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Congrats you are well on your way to purchasing your first kayak in Whipple OH 45788. There’s a problem though. Your garage doesn’t have enough room to store a full size Kayak. Neither does your roof rack have enough room to carry a water bottle let alone a full size water vessel in Whipple OH 45788.

If both or any of these problems sound familiar to you then perhaps you should give consideration to Advanced Elements present offering of inflatable kayaks. Advanced Elements is a UK based company offering the best in cutting edge kayak technology. Inflatable rafts can easily be stored in your vehicles trunk or home garage so there are no storage or transport problems, yet pump up quicker than you can say hot air. And that’s no pun! The Kayaks are in Whipple OH 45788 well designed ensuring they are stable and very simple to use in the water.

Other features of the Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks include a low profile molded rubber handles which allow for easy transport from and to the water. The inflatable kayak is more over accompanied by a heavy duty bag used to transport the kayak to a destination of your choice and a complete repair kit. These kayaks overflow with true value for money, readily available at an affordable and pocket friendly price as well as its advanced elements. Here are just a few samples of what Advanced Elements is offering.

The FireFly Kayak: This is a compact recreational model capable of seating one. It has been boosted with a grand range of features to improve reliability and performance.

The Lagoon Kayak: This comes in the all new eye catching sporty model with a design so good it’ll leave onlookers glued to you as you screech out in delight when you whizz past them.

The AdvancedFrame Kayak: The AdvancedFrame is a hybrid between a folding Kayak in Whipple OH 45788 and an inflatable kayak.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition: This is a 13 foot hybrid which packs plenty of storage room for though extended trips.Perfect for long trips as well as that quick weekend getaway.

The AdvancedFrame Convertible: The AdvancedFrame Convertible is a fifteen design that can be paddled solo or in tandem all in just a few minutes.

The Airfusion Kayak: The AirFusion kayak is one of the best around. It’s designed to rival the performance of skin on frame setups, yet retaining the simple setup procedure. The Advanced Elements Kayaks come with a 12 months warranty.

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